Tales of Almar

19th of Yearfall (Part 3)

Party in the Keep

The party arrived at the Keep and presented their invitations to the guards at the gate. The guards demonstrated the familiar prejudice towards Tieflings and refused to allow Rhaego to enter. After mentioning Lucian’s name, however, the guards relented and let the whole party pass. Inside the Keep, a massive celebration was underway with various forms of entertainment and competitions. The party separated to enjoy the party except for Beiro, the consummate professional, who immediately sought out Lucian.

Argyle entered a bare-knuckle boxing competition and won the grand prize after defeating a fellow Dragonborn in a close match. Rhaego and Malachor started a conversation with Al-Hafez, a merchant and performer from the eastern kingdoms. Being a foreigner, Al-Hafez knew little of Tyre or Five Pillars, but he did tell Rhaego and Malachor that he would be in Five Pillars, at the Sixth Pillar Inn, for several more days and that he could have work for them if the sought him out. Malachor also talked Al-Hafez into loaning him a deadly snake for use in a magical competition taking place elsewhere in the party. Malachor used several spells and rituals along with the snake to impress his fellow wizards and shock the gathered crowd. After this, Rhaego and Malachor headed for some dwarves selling jewelry to the wealthy nobles at the party.

Rhaego spotted a halfling pickpocket steal from a wealthy looking man in the crowd and skillfully stole the halfling’s bag without his knowledge. Malachor got the attention of the pickpockets victim and Rhaego returned his property. The noble, who introduced himself as Owen Brevisi, thanked Rhaego and Malachor and invited them to stop by his estate tomorrow in the Morning Quarter for a reward. Afterwards, Rhaego followed Ownen’s bodyguard who proceeded to snatch up the Halfling, take him outside, and begin beating him. Rhaego intervened on the Halfling’s behalf and began speaking with him. The Halfling introduced himself as Garret and, at first, tried to lie about who he was and his purpose at the party. After Rhaego confronted him with the truth, Garret hinted that he might be found at noon in the city square some day.

After all these events, Beiro was finally able to drag the rest of the party to the meeting with Lucian so that they could proceed with the job at hand.



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