Tales of Almar

19th of Yearfall (Part 4)

The Meeting with Lucian

After enjoying the festivities, the party finally went to meet Lucian. Lucian was a young man of dark hair and eyes, wearing a dark red flowing robe. Malachor immediately detected an aura of magic about him. Lucian explained that he was Regent Osmond Catani’s adviser and took them to meet him. Lucian led the party upstairs and across the balcony to the private office of the Regent. The Regent, a middle-aged, balding man with a tired and nervous look to him, mumbled a thanks to the party without making eye contact and then left to sit at his desk at the back of the room while Lucian conducted the meeting.

Lucian explained the purpose for calling them to the Keep. Tyre was a country built around five noble families, the “Five Pillars”. Each family is meant to stick to its own business and not interfere with the business of the others, cooperating with each other only on matters of importance to the whole country. In reality, there is a great deal of intrigue and political conflict between and within the noble houses. Of late, this conflict has increased and there is fear of it boiling over into civil war. There are rumors that one or more noble houses is plotting to overthrow the regent and seize power. The only thing preventing one of the families from acting openly, it would seem, is the precarious balance of power in the country. No family has the strength to overcome all the others in the event of a civil war so none are willing to make the first move.

In addition to the political conflict, something darker is brewing in Tyre. Rumors of a death cult spreading in the shadows have begun to come in from the outskirts of the country. Little is known about this cult at the moment but it is a cause for concern. Lucian and the Regent have worked to keep these rumors secret, fearing that this news could send a message to the nobles that the Regent is weak and cause a panic among the people. It is growing harder to keep this cult a secret and someone must investigate it and the plot among the nobility.

Lucian explained that the party has been called in because they are outsiders in Tyre. They have no allegiances to any of the nobles and no one knows them. They can, it is hoped, investigate the nobles and the cult without anyone becoming aware of their actions. Indeed, the whole celebration today was arranged to mask their arrival and this meeting. Lucian hoped that, with all the performers, competitors, and traders coming an going, no one would take note of them and the spies among the nobility would not learn of Lucian’s plans. Lucian asked the party to investigate both threats to the country and promised to reward them well if they succeed. The party agreed to take the job and Lucian offered them rooms and beds in the Keep for the night and to give them more details in the morning.



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