Tales of Almar

19th of Yearfall (Part 2)

Party in Five Pillars

The party arrived in Five Pillars at late afternoon to find a huge, citywide celebration going on. Malachor immediately, and with little notice by the rest of the party, disappeared to conduct his own private business. Meanwhile, Rhaego asked around the city to learn what information he could. Rhaego learned that the party was an unexpected and belated celebration of the new year with a much larger and grander party happening inside the cities keep. He also learned of the location of the seedier part of the city (the Dusk Quarter) and the party, minus Malachor, decide to do some exploring before heading to keep to meet Lucian, there contact in Five Pillars.

The party headed for the Dusk Quarter and, while exploring, came upon a conflict between several Tieflings and Humans. Intervening in the altercation, the party learned that the conflict was essentially a fight over territory between two rival criminal organizations. The Tiefling gang, known as the Red Fist, explained that they sought to control the Tiefling section of the Dusk Quarter for the good of their fellow Tieflings. The Humans explained that they sought to fight back against a criminal organization of filthy Tieflings that was harassing innocent people in the area. The party, with Argyle in the lead, intimidated both sides and got them to back down. While not resolving the larger conflict, the party did succeed in preventing any bloodshed that day. After the confrontation in the Dusk Quarter, the party decided to cut through the Blacksmithing District and head for the Keep. As they left, the leader of the Tiefling group approached Rhaego and urged him to fight for his brothers in the city.

While heading for the Keep, the party came across Malachor, drinking with Cerrak, a dwarven blacksmith and cousin of Vorek, a blacksmith in Whitehaven. Beiro had wanted to find Cerrak since Vorek had told him to seek him out in Five Pillars. While Cerrak was pleased to meet Beiro and the rest of the party, he explained that he would not be able to conduct business until after the party tomorrow. After collecting Malachor, the reunited party headed south to the Keep.



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