Tales of Almar

19th of Yearfall

The Journey to Five Pillars

The party rose early to make preparations for the journey east. While readying the wagons, Beiro was approached by a man named Jacob who asked that his family be allowed to travel with the caravan for protection. Despite Malachor’s suspicions, the party agreed to take the family with them. While traveling on the road the caravan was attacked by small goblin tribe. Perhaps aided by some supernatural premonition of what might have been, the party avoided making disastrous tactical decisions and successfully fought off the goblins, defending the caravan and Jacob’s family. When a goblin attempted to seize one of the children, it was Malachor and Rhaego who were the first to intervene and, after the battle, Jacob tearfully thanked Rheago, offering him what little money he had. Rheago turned down the payment and, instead, gave Jacob several times what was offered to him. Overcome with gratitude, Jacob promised to repay Rhaego and the whole party for their kindness one day. Afterwards, the party continued, without further incident, to Five Pillars, arriving in the middle of some kind of celebration.



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