Tales of Almar

17th of Yearfall

The Kobold "Temple"

Malachor, Argyle, Rhaego, and Beiro were contacted by a local businessman in Whitehaven named Darrius Niska. Having never met each other before, with the exception of Malachor and Argyle, the four agreed to work together on Niska’s job. Niska explained that some kobolds had moved into some ruins near the major trade road east to Five Pillars. The kobolds represented a threat to trade caravans on the road and, due to some political conflict in the capital, the authorities were failing to deal with them. Niska hired the newly formed party to deal with kobolds.
The party traveled to the ruins, remnants of the thousand years gone Dragonborn Empire. Descending to the underground chambers, Argyle kicked in the door to the kobolds entryway and the battle began. The party dispatched the guards and began exploring the ruins. At a long hallway leading deeper into the stronghold Rhaego spotted a series of traps on the floor. Argyle, using the corpse of a kobold revealed the nature of the traps and Rhaego quickly disarmed them. At the next chamber, the party used Malachor’s magic and Argyles Draconic tongue to terrify the kobolds in the next room, giving the adventurers the advantage and allowing them to easily dispatch the kobolds. While exploring the kobold’s sleeping area the party found a magical short sword which Rhaego claimed for himself.
Entering the next room, the party encountered more guards and Rhaego alerted the party to another series of traps in the room. Avoiding the traps and killing the guards, the party took an extended rest and then advanced to the kobolds ceremonial chamber where they found the kobold’s leader, a wyrmpriest, along with his pet drake and several minions. After the battle, Malachor took the wyrmpriest’s magic staff and the party discovered a secret door leading deeper into the earth. Descending deeper into the ruins, the party discovered what had drawn the kobolds here. A young white dragon, small by the standards of dragons, but still massive and deadly. The dragon proved almost too much for the party but, after a terrible battle, the dragon fell dead and the party claimed its treasure, a small pile of gold and a magical great sword which Argyle took for himself.
After taking another rest, during which time Malachor skinned the dragon and the other party members claimed trophies or themselves, the party made the short journey back to Whitehaven. Arriving at sundown on the 18th of Yearfall, the party returned to Niska’s warehouse where he rewarded them for their efforts and offered them another job. Niska was sending them east to Five Pillars, the capital of Tyre, where they would be offered a job on behalf of the Regent (the ruler) of Tyre. The party agreed to stay the night in Whitehaven at the Kraken’s Garden, “the best and only inn in town”, payed for by Niska in exchange for their escorting of a caravan on their way to Five Pillars the next day.



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